The International Association of Women Police Standing and Specialty Committees

(S) before the Committee Name means it is an IAWP Standing Committee.
      Contact the Committee Chair for details and to volunteer.

Affiliate Liaison

LIAISON Annita Clarke, UK, Region 13

Awards Program Committee

CHAIR Annita Clarke, UK, Region 13 

Conference Liaison

LIAISON Suzanne Bill, Canada, Region 11  

(S) Constitution & Policy Committee

CHAIR Cande Ackler, USA, Region 10
Committee Members
Gale Buckner, USA, Region 4
   Linda Cunningham, Canada, Region 12
   Dorothy McPhail, New Zealand, Region 24
   Karen Salisbury, Australia, Region 24
   Carolyn Williamson, UK, Region 13

(S) Diversity Committee


Editorial Committee

EDITOR Myra James, Canada, Region 11

Election Committee

CHAIR Linda Cunningham, Canada, Region 12

(S) Finance Committee

CHAIR Michele Lish, USA, Region 9
Committee Members
Kathy Burke, BOT Representative, USA, Region 2
  Andrea Humphreys, Mbr Representative, UK, Region 13
  Julie-Dee Sharkey, Mbr Representative, USA, Region 9

Fundraising Committee


International Scholarship Committee

CHAIR Cindy Shain, USA, Region 4
Co-Chair Dorothy McPhail, Australia, Region 24

Marketing Committee

CHAIR Julia Jaeger, UK, Region 13

(S) Membership Committee

CHAIR Nancy Rudback, Canada, Region 11

(S) Nomination Committee

CHAIR Carolyn Williamson, UK, Region 13

(S) Resolution Committee

Committee Members
   Kathy Burke, USA, Region 2
   Janet Crumley, USA, Region 4
   Julia Jaeger, UK, Region 13
   Margaret Shorter, Canada, Region 12
   Joanne Springer, USA, Region 7  

(S) Strategic Planning Committee

CHAIR Ellie Lenawarungu (Bird), Kenya, Region 20 
Committee Members
     Annah Chota, Zimbabwe, Region 21
     Laura Goodman, USA, Region 7
     Melissa Jardine, Australia, Region 24
     Louise Neil, Canada, Region 12
     Jane Townsley, UK, Region 13

The President has full authority to establish and terminate Committees, excluding Standing Committees, at any time.

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The Mission of the IAWP:

To strengthen, unite and raise the capacity of women in policing internationally.

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