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Example covers are below. News of interest to female police officers around the globe.  News of interest locally around the globe.  Announcements, examples, skills information, and articles on specific issues impacting women in law enforcement.  

WomenPolice® Magazine is published quarterly by the International Association of Women Police (IAWP).  IAWP members from around the world contribute to articles in the magazine as do published authors, law enforcement personnel, supporters and police associations wanting to impact women in law enforcement. The magazine has been around in some format since 1977.  Originally titled I.A.W.P. bulletin (1977 - 1987) with ISSN: 0890-5894, it then became PoliceWoman (1987-1988) with ISSN: 1946-4010.  WomenPolice® Magazine currently holds United States Library of Congress Registry Number ISSN 1945-3183 (1988-current). 

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  • WomenPolice® Magazine holds United States Library of Congress Registry Number ISSN 1945-3183. 

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